Dark Chthonian Futures

Welcome back fellow GM’s and players! This week’s action scene* features tokens from two of Devin’s latest packs, Cyborgs and Cosmic Horrors Animated . If you wish to grab a copy of the force field barrier tokens used in the image for yourself, feel free to drop on by the Patreon and join our Discord, […]

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The Expanse

“Feels almost like a bad dream doesn’t it?” Naomi shouted over the gunfire, James giving a grim nod as he swiftly reloaded his rifle. “Just keep the pressure on!” Bobby commanded, her rapid fire stitching a new line of bright blue pockmarks across the creatures chest as it snarled in anger. Amos grunted in acknowledgement, […]

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Deadly Deserts

Hello yet again fellow GM’s and players! Today we have the second Desert Encounters pack, full of fearsome foes unique to this harsh environment! (with special thanks to Tom Cartos for his desert boneyard map) Here’s a quick plot hook to help inspire your next arid adventure! Baleful BoneyardIn the far reaches of the Anauroch […]

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