Kind words from Patrons

I’m listing comments I have received from patrons. Sometimes I need a little encouragement to keep working and having a place where I have collected positive comments is great to keep me pumped to make more tokens. If you are one of my patrons and would like to be added to this page drop me a line.

These all look incredible! Your attentiveness to your customers needs is one of the many reasons your as successful as you are. Along with your skills and vast experience. You are a joy to communicate with on orders and that makes you in my opinion the best man for the job when it comes to commissioning pieces. I fully understand your needs. I believe you are a parent and its summer holidays so you have kids with needs. Your remodelling your kitchen. And I’m not sure but I believe I’m right im saying that this isn’t your sole occupation. So honestly what you can achieve despite how busy you are astounds me. So in late august/early October I will get back in touch with more orders. Thank you again for your time. You do the tabletop community a fantastic service. – Acenet


It’s my pleasure, I assure you. Like I said, your work has helped me spread the game to my friends and helped them become more immersed and excited in D&D as a way to break the monotony and stress over here. Not sure if you’ve ever considered the reach and effect your tokens can have, but my friends and I are currently deployed to Southwest Asia and after a hard week it’s really satisfying to see them agonize over which one of your tokens they like the best for their character, or hear “What is that!?” when a new mob pops up on screen. (Case in point, they were fighting a doppleganger disguised as a friendly dwarf, then I had it shapeshift into a large werewolf as it attacked them… they went from overly confident to extremely worried very quickly!) Anyway, I’ll grab it now and contact me at your leisure, no rush at all. Oh, and I remember you talking about your wife initially pushing back on your hobby when you were starting up (Fantasy Grounds Friday interview). I have a wife and children as well, and I’ve had similar conversations over the years. Feel free to share my sentiments with her and thank her for me as well, I know it takes two to make it work!


Thank you again for expediting this order, I love the way it turned out and I’m sure my brother will to.
You do awesome work and I’m looking forward to being able to keep coming back to your art for monsters and hero’s to use in my campaigns in the future. Have a great day!


Thanks Devin
This exceeded my expectations (and I was already a big fan of your work before).
Actually spending the weekend in a circus caravan in a Swiss campsite on the Rhine river. (My wife has interesting ideas on what passes for entertainment in our family) 🙂 As soon as I get back I will load all the tokens!

Thanks again

They look amazing. I am so hyped right now. Once again I must thank you for your time and amazing work Devin.
I hope that you had fun drawing these, they all were on my No1 list for a comission. Can’t wait so surprise my players with them 🙂
Everything is looking good on my part :). Keep up your amazing work Devin and I hope we hear of each other again.
All the best wishes, Todor.

Fantastic. Game on!
Thank you ever so much for these. I’m one happy client. Best of luck with your future projects,


I love it! Thank you so much 🙂 This made me gasp with joy since I did not expect it, this has made my day definitely going to be asking for more in the future.

Excuse my language, but these are f$%#@ing excellent! I’m so excited! I love the symbol you designed for them, I might even incorporate that in to my real models. Honestly I couldn’t be happier with how these have turned out.
When you agreed to make these wargame-inspired tokens for me, I was so happy at the thought of playing online with my friend, but actually seeing the little guys there is something else! I can’t wait to use them! Absolutely hyped
Thank you so much, Devin!
-Masked O.


You have once again outdone yourself. These tokens turned out awesome! Everything came out even better than I imagined. A Conan set would be great! Of course you might just put them in a set of snake cultist mixed with some other cultist like; demon cults, death cults, Sun cults, and elemental cults. I know I’d be interested in something like that and these Conan tokens would fit right in.
Thanks again for the great work and getting these to me. I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work. I’m very happy that you are able to do this as a living and your company is successful. You are by far the best Tokem artist out there.
Let me know when you are able to some more stuff. As I mentioned some Dark Sun monsters and characters would be cool. I have a lot of ideas to fill in what was not in the two desert sets of tokens.
Take care thanks again