2021, First Post, already late.

Hey Everyone, not sure who is waiting to hear this but it helps if I think some of you wonderful people are. I am still struggling with a massive burnout in creativity. I can still make tokens, and I have been slowly making tokens, but there isn’t a whole lot going on up there besides doing what needs to be done. I got sick this past weekend (not covid) bur before I got tested I was afraid despite all the precautions and keeping mostly to myself and family, that I had caught it. It was a bit scary and as I laid in bed shivering reflected on those things that are most important. Family, Friends and what a person does with their time.

As far as family and friends I could not be more lucky. My wife is amazing, my oldest daughter is a nurse, my oldest daughter with my wife is headed towards a nursing career and my youngest may be headed towards a new identity. I love them all.

My friends, I have known most of these guys since college… 25 years of hanging out, fart jokes, oreo cookie jokes and general just great times. I could not have ended up with a greater group of friends to pass the best part of my life with. I’ll include my brother Jay in this list though him and I have been hanging out since he was born one year after me.

Then there are all of you. The people that have supported me financially and with kind words and “Awesome Work” comments. You guys have fueled my greatest passion, making art, making token art. I appreciate each and every person who has supported my work. It has helped to keep food on the table and a stable warm household for my children to grow up in.

So what now… I hope my mojo returns, I don’t know when that will happen. It may take a summer of just hiking and splashing in a pool outdoors to finally get my groove back. It might take getting everybody out of the house so I can just sit here in silence long enough to feel the drive to end the silence with new art. I honestly don’t know. I have never dealt with not have a driving desire to create every waking moment. I am sure that it will come back eventually. Until then I will be working on those things that I can, and avoiding taking on too much more than that. Commissions will remain closed until everything I currently have to do is done.

I appreciate what I have and what I have helped to create. I appreciate that so many people have helped me to do that. Thanks to all of you.

8 Replies to “2021, First Post, already late.”

  1. Norc says:

    Much respect, thanks for the update!

  2. Mario says:

    Take it easy. There’s definitely a time to grant yourself permission to just do NOTHING and that sound like now. Forgive your mind for not wanting to create for now, alien as it seems to you. Just rest. Chill. Recuperate. You don’t owe anyone anything outside of your family It’s not selfish to just shut down and BE for a bit.

    You’ll get sorted out. Keep us posted!


  3. s0lu7i0n says:

    Completely understand Devin, been there myself in the past as a commission miniature painter to the point where, after doing it for so long I can no longer pick up a paintbrush anymore. I forced myself to continue through the burnout since it was my livelihood and didn’t take a break, I can say I personally believe you’ve made the right decision.

    Chill out, take care of yourslf and enjoy the family time When you’re feeling back up to it we’ll all still be here to eagerly consume your products!

  4. Stuart says:

    I’m sure there are many of us who are looking forward to hearing that you are back behind the digital pallet soon. I think it must be 15 years or so ago that I ordered a first set of custom tokens (no idea where I put them now!) … look after yourself mate.


  5. Anton Palikhov says:

    Devin, can you give some advice how to use your packs with weapons?

    1. devinnight says:

      You can use them a dungeon decoration, or if you have an image editing app you can cut existing weapons out of tokens and swap in the different weapons.

  6. Steve Mason says:

    Dude, I feel you! Take it easy and have a break. You deserve it. Chill out with the sublime knowledge that we, the users of your excellent work, hugely appreciate you and the efforts you put into our little niche community…

    1. devinnight says:

      Thank you. Things are looking up, starting to get back into working daily. Still making time for Battletech too.

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