The Knightly Order of the Drum

*With special thanks to Frag Maps for the mansion map*

Hello yet again fellow GM’s and players!

As All Hallows Eve approaches Devins has supplied with a superb Haunted tokens pack (available for free to Patreons!) used into this entries action scene! *With special thanks to Frag Maps for the mansion map*

Like always, I’ll leave you with a quick one shot adventure idea to keep your players entertained on All Saints’ Eve!

Si Dormio, Moriar

Fame, fortune, and the Queen’s own favor: these are the perquisites of induction into the Knightly Order of the Drum. Tasked with protecting Sir Francis Drake’s drum at Buckland Abbey from all manner of supernatural threats, the Knightly Order thus safeguards Great Britain’s strongest protector in his undeath- for in order to overthrow the Queen, the drum must first be destroyed!

But not anyone can join. Birth status means little to the Order; what only matters is the capability to stand up to horrors beyond human imagining. The Order exclusively recruits true survivors of supernatural events. The maimed and the insane are not considered. The strong, stalwart iron that survives such a crucible is sought by the Order and given the chance to win a Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II herself. But all good swords require a bit of tempering…

Survival can be a fluke. The Order sends out new inductees with an appraiser, the Snare Master. He accompanies them to a known haunt of otherworldly beings, briefs them on their mission, and assesses their performance at rooting out evil. Bias is not tolerated; the Snare Master cares only that the inductees do their duty for Queen and Country. Failure comes in many forms- from mental or physical breaking, to death, to sheer cowardice and ineptitude. And rarely, oh so very rarely, the Snare Master himself dies because of their failure, and that is most unseemly.

The Snare Master has brought this group of inductees into the haunted Manor of Blackmund Moor. Long benighted by rotten horrors, Blackmund Manor has been used as a training ground since time immemorial. What the Snare Master doesn’t yet know is that things have been waking up, and that all the centuries of training have been only culling the weakest and least cunning of the evil beasts slithering within. Yet every dark shadow is cast by light, and perhaps the Snare Master can hear the distant rattle of Drake’s Drum.

Will the inductees survive Blackmund’s Manor? Can they keep the Snare Master alive long enough to win access to the Order? And what is waking the bony, multi-limbed monstrosities in the basement?

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  1. Daniel Ogden says:

    Hello Devin,

    I’ve recently written a DnD short on Roll20. I’ve gotten a green light on everything but the tokens. I was wondering if I can use some of your Roll20 free tokens and purchased tokens in the short?

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