Patrons and Supporters

This page is a thank you to all the people who have supported me on my Kickstarter and through custom orders and just being supportive of my work and spreading kind words about me. Many of you fall into all three categories. Thank you.
If I have left you off any of the lists please contact me and let me know so I can get you added.

Special Thanks;
Nell Bailey  for her help with the Kickstarter and awesome work.
Ugly Monsters: Matt Jackson, P.G. Holyfield, Joshua Owen, David Slater

Special Thanks;
Silveressa, for long talks about Sci-fi games, helping with the site, creating much better product descriptions than I can write.
For helping me manage various projects and always being around to bounce ideas of of. Her work on the Spreadsheet was invaluable.

Virtual Game Tables;
Fantasy Grounds
Epic Table

Patrons who have been… well… exceptional Patrons;
Matthew S. For years of requests.
Malcom W. For making the Knights more Knightly.
John M. For ordering the most non-combative characters and sending great screens of his games.
Nicolas Desorbaix: For a large variety of tokens, Ratmen, Chaos tokens, Holy Warriors, And many more.

For everyone who leaves a note when they get tokens from my site. Thanks.

Patrons who have commissioned full packs;
Josh T. – Steampunk
Jared H. – ShadowPunk
Simon W. – Vikings
J. Dale H. – Historical Soldiers
Douglas L. – Pathfinder Tokens
Shawn H. – Pathfinder Tokens
Lee S. – Aliens and Hunters
Lee S. – Norse Pack
Joseph M. – More Monsters
Leslaw S. – Various Tokens
Thierry Z. – Various Tokens
Brad T. – Token Objects
Xxxxxx X. – The Qin objects
Philip G. – Sci-fi Tokens
Mark C. – Star Trek tokens
Stuart – Samurai tokens
Xxxxxx – Trolls, Lizardmen, Rock Guys
Xxxxx – Pig-Faced Orcs
Frank – Deadlands Pack
Rey M. – Dark Hero Tokens (60 tokens)
Matthew S. – Various tokens (like a lot of awesome tokens)
Christopher L. The Poor, Middle Class and Nobles token packs.
Matt Z – Shadowpunk 2

The following list recognizes the supporters of my Kickstarter Project;
d20Pro Virtual Tabletop by MindGene, LLC Free trial at
John Lammers, EpicTable
“Don Kosak” – a guy who likes to make things.
Cobalt Kobold Publishing,
Devin’s token pack was supported on behalf of the entire Roll20 community —
Dale Shumate,
This demi-lich token was created for Sean Macdonald at
Chad “Archangel70” Feldmann
Dakcenturi – Avid supporter and frequent customer of Devin Night

M. Quick
Ransep “Healing in Plate – Nuff said”
Dan M.
Terry Olson: Eridux Isuf (Demon for use in Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG)
Gotthard “Rinckeg Kendirdal” Weiss, Dwarven Brewmaster
Kevin Doswell – As a fan of D20 Modern and Devin’s artwork I had to ask for a D20 Modern creature.
Jonathan Eskritt
A Token for Bill? I’m open.
Skender ran but never made it far enough to warn the party of what lay ahead…
Frédéric “le scénario n’est pas prêt” Fiquet
One for the good guys.
For everyone who always wanted to play the weird creepy guy.
Warrior of the Deep. Christopher Kearney
Dan Williamson / Oh god, please don’t tell me about your MMORPG character!
J Kerce
Lucas M. Jung
Chris Doemel,
Ash Burnem
Nathan C
Landon Bauer