Deadly Deserts

Hello yet again fellow GM’s and players! Today we have the second Desert Encounters pack, full of fearsome foes unique to this harsh environment! (with special thanks to Tom Cartos for his desert boneyard map) Here’s a quick plot hook to help inspire your next arid adventure! Baleful BoneyardIn the far reaches of the Anauroch […]

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Demons, Beasts and Heroes

The dull roar of the sandstorm faintly reverberated through the ancient structure and mingled with Kadors incantation to create an eerie symphony that nearly drowned out the scraping of bone across stone as the skeletons continued their relentless advance. “Any idea why a Death Knight is so interested in a bunch of museum pieces from […]

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July’s Post, Spreadsheet

Hey All you guys and gals of gaming greatness. This is going to be short and sweet. I’m still behind on everything. I am booked through early September. Most new requests will go into a September queue. I am providing the link to the Spreasheet. Most of the entries have images attached to them, so […]

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