Pest Control

Pest Control

Pest Control

Hello once more fellow GM’s and players, This month I’m bringing you a short’n sweet adventure concept, with an action scene featuring some of Devin’s latest packs Alien Creatures, Spacers, and Survivors 2, grab them today!

I hope you enjoy this months adventure concept, feel free to post in the comments with any feedback or suggestions for future actions scenes and adventure hooks you’d like to see, until next time, game on!

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“The crate only said ‘HAZARDOUS WASTE’, how was I supposed to know it was full of nautisyte larvae?!”

“DANGER, venting oxygen in lower levels may lead to crew asphyxiation, DANGER, please reset parameters.”

The scavenger ship Cargonaut had picked up the remains of a smuggling vessel, chock full of illegal compounds destined for the research planet Randia. With age supposedly comes experience, and so Quartermaster Margyn Thom had decided to crack open a crate. After all, last few times he’d seen crates like these, they’d been full of petrocollinsite crystals- worth more to a struggling ship’s engines than the open market.

Instead, he’d found a clutch of hibernating Nautisytes. The nasty creatures only grow to the size of hamsters on their own planet… but when exposed to higher levels of oxygen, they grow exponentially. With exponential growth comes exponential hunger, and the Nautisytes quickly woke and drove the aging captain back through the ship. Their teeth are needle-sharp, their tentacles can shoot dangerous corrosive enzymes, and they’re strong enough to rip through deck plating. An infested ship is often ripped to pieces from the inside out.

First Mate Jake Trapper must fight the ancient, recalcitrant life support system to vent the lower levels of the Cargonaut and send the Nautisytes into hibernation. While he does that, the rest of the crew of the Cargonaut have to fight off the infestation, don their own life support systems before Jake succeeds, and then descend into the bowels of the Cargonaut to slaughter the remaining pests and any eggs they may have laid.

And after all that’s said and done, they have other questions they must answer- who’s insane enough to send Nautisytes to a highly-oxygenated planet? Who has the resources to trap this many dangerous creatures? And why was their ship found abandoned, floating around an evaporating black hole?

3 Replies to “Pest Control”

  1. DX42 says:

    These look fantastic!

    I just saw a “token info card on Wild West Pack 1 that pointed my to the blog, and said if I was enjoying the tokens I should leave a comment. Devin, I adore your token art and I am using it almost exclusively for the game I’m prepping right now. I’ve got Shadowpunk 1 and Steampunks 1 & 2 so far. Any time I look for new tokens, I look for more from you first.

    1. devinnight says:

      Thank you very much for the kind words and support. I appreciate it.

  2. Roman says:

    Hey Devin! Thank you so much for everything you do man. I’m doing a shoestring budget, IRL Star Wars d20 game. Since I live in a country where things are tough and spending money is very limited and printing your tokens and using glue and cardboard has helped me a lot to get my players into the magic of the game. Ty so much for the free space opera pack.

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