Dark Chthonian Futures

Welcome back fellow GM’s and players!

This week’s action scene* features tokens from two of Devin’s latest packs, Cyborgs and Cosmic Horrors Animated . If you wish to grab a copy of the force field barrier tokens used in the image for yourself, feel free to drop on by the Patreon and join our Discord, they are available for free download from the #Custom-tokens channel!

*A Quick shout out to Miska for the amazing encounter map

I’ll leave you now with 10 terrifying one shot adventure hooks for your Halloween horror needs!

-This Is Not a Drill
The warrior-drones of Pickman Station thought the alarm was just another drill- right until Andronikos-VIII was burned to a crisp by the strange winged beasts. Now, forced down to the very bottom security level, the Pickman Drones need to protect the experimental field-drive from the strangely driven creatures. Funny, it didn’t seem to work until all the local planets ended up in alignment…

-Infinite Inscriptions
It’s a given. A million robots can inscribe the complete works of Shakespeare on a computer wafer the size of a fingernail, as long as they have infinite time and infinite circuitry and just enough random drift. The Zann Cyborg Factory, on the other hand, seems to have a robot that’s inscribed H45TUR H45TUR H45TUR on one too many quantum computers. Can the factory workers repel the forces of the King in Yellow?

-Biomutant Freedom
Dr. Muñoz has spent most of his career building bespoke abominations for the Galahad Confederation out of once-human slaves. Now that Dr. Muñoz’s base is under attack, he’s offered them a deal: drive off the enemy cyborg soldiers, and he’ll return them to their human bodies!

-The Contemptible Colosseum
The richest of the rich flock to West Casino, where Dr. Herbert has put together a most interesting diversion to satisfy even the most jaded gambler. Cyclopean, eldritch creatures clash against the most nefarious machines man can devise! Who will win? Who will lose? And who will default on their bets, and end up as one of the next contestants?

-Berserker Purge
The drone pilots of the Zann fight in Saberhagen Interfaces, overlaying their subconscious to efficiently control their death-machines. Every insecurity, dark secret, and mental instability causes them to perceive themselves as rampaging monsters instead of utilitarian drones. Will their inner demons conquer the terrifying scourge of the Ghoul Droids?

-The Colonization of R’lyeh
R’lyeh has been found! The dead, sunken city could be a boon for mankind, if it weren’t for the pesky tendency for explorers to disappear. But never fear! The WY Corporation has sunk a deep-sea research facility full of specially modified cyborgs to safely explore the city and build further research centers. After all, it’s not like they’re just going to lose contact with that many researchers this time around…

-The Thousand Young Hunt
The dark mother-goddess known as the Black Goat of the Woods has been spotted on Palyeman. Eager to bag one more god’s head before the start of the next millennia-cycle, Lord Harridan has dispatched a kill team to thin her herd. If they’re competent enough, maybe he’ll manage the kill-shot and add another screaming trophy to his wall!

-Nyarlathotep’s Cult
After a solid week of fighting, the forces at Brader’s Outpost have thinned to only a few soldiers. The strange forces won’t stop streaming in and ripping them to pieces until they identify the cultist in their midst. Which one of them carries Nyarlathotep’s Black Mark? And even if they find the traitor, will it even matter?

Containment Breach
Father Whateley and his other accomplices transformed into unearthly things soon after they programmed an AI to translate the scrawlings in a book wrapped in human skin. Though the Necrobaal-AI has been shut down, the Papal-AI has dispatched its cyber-guards to corral the mutated researchers. No matter how many units it loses, the researchers cannot escape into the Vatican!

Outcast Station
Orbiting a distant singularity Outcast station was once a research facility of the New Economic block, specializing in the mutagenic properties of the unique radiation emitted by the black hole. Now centuries later the station lies abandoned, records of its sudden shutdown carefully sealed. A group of heavily augmented Freelancers arrive to reclaim the station and turn it into a port of call for other mercenaries in search of safe harbor. The rumors of the stations A.I Talia, going dangerously insane being behind the sudden shutdown are of course just wild speculation, and by now She’s surely as offline as the rest of the facility…

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