Devils, Demons and Cultists oh my!

“Hakamiah’s getting closer! Hurry up, Mab!”

“I’m trying! How was I supposed to know we’d summon two demons right in the middle of a blood duel?!”

The demons Barbatos and Valefor raged at each other- and their summoners- through the binding circles, smashing wildly, unsure who to tear apart first once the circles broke. Mab threw up an ice shield, but was beginning to panic. An insane angel was coming behind them, the two demons she’d summon to deal with it were going to tear everything around them to pieces instead, and what did they have to work with? A few of Morrigan’s summoned monsters and the dubious advantage of a small hill.

“You know, Mor, when the Great Leader said we’d control the attentions of the infernal and the divine, this isn’t what I had in mind!”

The cultists were trapped between the hammer of Heaven and the fires of Hell…

Hello again players & GM’s! Today’s action packed scene uses tokens from Devin’s latest packs Devils of Deceit , Demons of Despair, and a pair of Cultists from the ever growing Patreon!, (Just two of over 300+ tokens, with more added every month, check it out!)

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