Love is in the air… fryer.

Got an air fryer for my wife because after 20 years what she really wants is crispy fries. So it’s mid-February and I can say that things are looking up. Sure the cold has been a bit much lately and I could really use some sunshine and maybe a beach but overall I’m feeling better. It might be the vitamin D talking though.

So production is still slow, there have been many distractions, mostly in the form of taking the kids places, running out to get food for meals, or being there for my wife to vent her work frustrations with. Not bad distractions but they keep me from really getting focused work time in. That said I have slowly been getting my queue worked on. I’m still behind but I am making progress and feeling better about getting work done.

Of note recently is that Heroic Maps asked me to make some chess pieces for one of their maps.
I have always loved the work they do and it was cool to actually be included with one of their maps.
Maze of the Queen of Hearts

Other work that has taken up some time is the new tokens being made for The Token Vault. They are the guys that are providing the option to recolor and modify existing tokens available on their site. This adds a lot of variety from a single token.
The Token Vault

Well, I have to take my daughter to school, so I’ll wrap this up.
Thank you to everybody who is keeping me going and supporting my work. You guys and gals are awesome and I appreciate every single one of you.

7 Replies to “Love is in the air… fryer.”

  1. Brett says:

    First off, love your work, have gotten a few token packs already. Glad your feeling better and yes, Air Fryers are just the best. Just a question about token packs. Do you have any with Centaurs in them?
    Oh and carry on the great work.

    1. devinnight says:

      Thanks. Sent you some through email.

  2. DDagg says:

    Just started using Roll20 for my Dark Heresy group, unfortunately I found your site on payday, whoops xD
    Your alien antagonists pack in particular will likely see a great deal of use, exceptional work, was sorry to see you weren’t accepting custom jobs at the moment but I totally get it, I’ll keep an eye out and perhaps in the future.
    Look after yourself and yours first.

    1. devinnight says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to send me your request. I am slowly adding things to my queue and if you don’t mind waiting a bit I can probably get to it.

  3. Stuart says:

    Just started using Foundry VTT – the animated undead tokens that you created are amazing. Kitchen technology … food mixer –> microwave –> air fryer … and I still burn hard boiled eggs.

  4. DM Dan says:

    Hey Devin – hope all is well! I love your work, and it has absolutely changed the way I run my games, and in no small part inspired me to start writing. After some small success, I was hoping, If you ever have an interest… I would love to chat about a custom monster for a series I am writing.

    1. devinnight says:

      Thank you. I’m happy that I can provide some inspiration with my art. Feel free to contact me:

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