What I’m thankful for.

First and foremost all the support I get from all of you. I consider myself a pretty lucky guy, I have a great wife, great kids, awesome friends and a job where I get to draw some crazy things, some cool things, some heroic things and some truly monstrous things. I get to do those last things becuase of all the wonderful gamers out there who support my work. Thank you.

So whats been going on lately? The Patreon is going smoothly. I have released two sets based on the 6 tokens I was supposed to make for each month. Well the 6 rapidly grew into 20+ tokens each month and those tokens became packs. It wasn’t my intent when I launched the Patreon, but it does seem to be creating the opportunity to make sets that I want to make.

Commissions have been reduced to just 10 tokens a month, to date I haven’t had that few yet, but by next year I am hoping to keep the number as close to 10 as possible. If I can manage that I can work on the other projects I have on the back burner at all times.

So what are these other projects? Well some of them are work related, getting sets together, filling gaps in packs that need a little extra to get them rounded out and then the prep it takes to get them into their various marketplaces. Outside of working stuff though I am working on more hobby stuff. I am back to painting minis for face to face games. I think I had gone over a year without picking up a brush. Then my friend Ed bought me Core Space, a fun sci-fi boardgame that came with a very modest 20 figures. Painting up that few seemed easy enough, and with the 3d terrain it seemed like having painted minis was really going to make the game visually more appealing. It worked, the game has been a blast and I have now moved on to painting even more mins to use with the Core Space game.

So overall I’m a lucky guy, I’m also a very thankful guy for all of the great things that have come my way. And each and every one of you have helped with making my world a better place.

Lastly I’d like to give a shout out for a product that has my tokens in it. It’s a physical product for face to face games.

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