The Daffodil Diaries Entry #1

Hello again fellow GM’s and players! Today i’m presenting the first entry in an ongoing series of adventures features various tokens of Devins along with some custom compilations of my own design. (Which be made available for free downloads soon.) I hope you enjoy and find them inspirational in your own campaigns!

Todays entry features tokens from Plant Creatures, Unearthed Undead, Fearsome Monsters, Nobles & Knights, and NPC’s Nobles.  As well as tokens featured in the Patreon.

Without further ado, on with the entry!



The Daffodil Diaries Entry #1

So, a druid, a monk, an alchemist, and a samurai walk into a brothel , no, it’s not the opening line to a joke, despite what you’re thinking, and no it’s not one of *those* kinds of stories either, despite the location. What it is, is one of the best places to run a death cult, at least if you’re a necromancer with sordid proclivities and far to much attachment to living flesh for their own good.

Which is why the four us found ourselves in a house of ill repute, deeply regretting our prior agreement to track down Sir Dalgrun’s missing nephew, and safely rescue him from whatever mess his most recent get rich quick scheme had gotten him into, hopefully with him still breathing, and us not on the hook for whatever charges he’s racked up along the way.

I’m Daffodil, a druid with dreams of being a bard, despite my skill with a violin sounding like alley cats in heat. To my left are my trusted companions, Scylmegeour, Bronze eye, and Sasha, and this is the story of how we made enemies of the Blood Lords, and wound up with our faces on the wanted posters of every Geb settlement in three hundred miles.

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