Token Usage Rights

Usage Rights
I retain all rights to the artwork and tokens. You may use my tokens for personal use. You may distribute the free tokens but please do not distribute my premium token sets. After purchasing the tokens you can use them in any of your personal games. You may also share them with your regular gaming group.

Usage Rights for Streaming.
If you are planning on using my tokens in your streamed games, please add a link to my site and “Tokens by Devin Night” or “Some tokens by Devin Night” or “The really awesome tokens were made by Devin Night, he’s so hot right now.” I would also like to be given a heads up, but it is not neccessary. No money is required to use them for streaming.

Token rights for use in commercial products.
You can use any number of the free tokens in your adventures. (Dark Heroes, both Pathfinder sets and the Space Opera tokens may not be used in any free or commercial product)
You can use 10-20 premium tokens (from packs 21- newest releases, excluding Tome of Beast tokens) at a cost of $20 per token.
Token packs bought from the store do not qualify for commercial use. However any token that exists in my packs may be purchased for commercial use. (with the exception of Tome of Beasts, the Pathfinder sets, Dark Heroes and Space Opera tokens)
For $50 I can make a custom token that you can use exclusively in your commercial product. If I can also sell that token on my site the price is $25. For $20 per token I can modify an existing token to make it match your needs more closely.
The above costs are for the usage of tokens in one product.
Custom tokens made specifically for you may be used by you in multiple products.
Tokens cannot be bundled separately and may not make up the majority of the product.
Credit to Devin Night ( must appear somewhere in the credit section.

Art may not be modified without my permission. If permission is granted you have the right to alter the tokens in any manner you wish as long as it maintains my standards of work. Altering the token does not make it your work or void my ownership of the art.
I retain all rights to the art and any derivative art.

•Custom tokens that are made and not used in a product within 2 years of being made may get released in a pack and may be released as part of my Patreon. If it’s just a matter of needing more time before your product is released then that won’t happen. As long as the purchaser lets me know that they are still working towards a goal.

I retain the right to re-use and display all token art that I create. In general, I will not re-use a custom token exactly as it was made. In cases involving larger sets of custom tokens, I may release these tokens in token packs. I will do my best to keep all unique tokens of characters exclusive to the purchaser for one year. After that time It will be included in a token pack.

If posting screenshots of the tokens in action please credit Devin Night.

Please do not use the tokens or any derived work for commercial or non-commercial purposes unless you have contacted me and received permission to do so.

Thank you. Creating tokens is my main source of income and it allows me to keep my wife and children happy.