The Holiday Season and plans for 2021

Hey Everyone, I have been thinking about the end of the year and what I need to do for the next. As most of you know I have been incredibly busy this year, on top of that having my family home every day has sometimes prevented me from being as productive as I could be. The combination has been an erratic always busy, always thinking about work and never getting a chance to really take a break from work. On the bright side I love what I do and I am very lucky to get to do it. So the work is usually enjoyable even when it weighs me down. The down side is that I have been getting burned out by having worked nights and weekends for the majority of the year.

Heading into the holiday season I still have a good amount of work to do. It is not overwhelming though. Since I stopped taking new work about a month ago I have only had a handful of things pop up that I had to add back into the workload. I have also set aside a couple weeks in December to take care of the things I offered to do for The Token Vault and the rewards associated with their Kickstarter. The result is that I might get a much needed break in December. I am still keeping commissions closed for the rest of the year.

Enter the new year. I am going to change things up dramatically in 2021. I am reducing the number of tokens I make for clients to just 10 tokens each month. That is 10 total tokens between all requests for any one month. I will not take any more than 3 from any one person per month. I know that means a lot of requests will not get fulfilled next year. I’m hoping that tokens in the The Token Vault will become more useful for players and Dm’s looking to fill a characters needs. I have already filled all the slots for January, and February is half-full.

So what will I spend all my free time on? I have been working on the Creature Codex, or had been working on it before the pandemic, my goal was to have it done by this time. Things changed of course I have not worked on it since the pandemic started. I have 300 tokens to make for it. I will spend at least three weeks each month working on getting the Creature Codex done to the same high standards as the Tome of Beasts. If things go well I should be able to get that book of monsters done by August or September.

I realize that many of you have come to rely on my ability to get new tokens made for players and for custom monsters. I am sorry that I won’t have the time to work on every request. I enjoy making tokens and seeing the response to the work. I’m hoping that once the Creature Codex is done I can go back to taking on more commissions each month.

As always, thank you to everyone who supports my work with requests and kind words.

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