Demons, Beasts and Heroes

The dull roar of the sandstorm faintly reverberated through the ancient structure and mingled with Kadors incantation to create an eerie symphony that nearly drowned out the scraping of bone across stone as the skeletons continued their relentless advance.

“Any idea why a Death Knight is so interested in a bunch of museum pieces from before the Chaos War?” Yanos called back to his companions as he adjusted his grip on his sword and stepped forward to engage the undead horrors.

“You can ask him yourself.” Katya stated, gesturing with her blade towards the armor clad warrior that descended the nearby staircase with fearless purpose, her dual headed Fen Hound snarling as he grudgingly gave ground.

Hello once more fellow Gms and players! Now I’m finished with the token spreadsheet I’m back to posting exciting action scenes for Devin’s latest token packs. This month’s exciting scene features tokens from the following packs: Animated Demon Horde, Mythological Creatures, Nasty Beasts, Heroic Characters 28, and Heroic Characters 27 and another amazing map by Tom Cartos.

2 Replies to “Demons, Beasts and Heroes”

  1. camelotcrusade says:

    Nice work! We can never get enough monsters… or characters!

    And thanks again for the spreadsheet, I used it again today!

  2. Silveressa says:

    Glad you find it useful, it will be periodically updated to include his latest packs as well, so will stay current as more stuff arrives in the shop.

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