Assault Armor, Alien Antagonists, and Mysterious Mythos

Hello once again fellow GM’s and players! The end of summer is upon us and we’re seeing it off with another triple pack action scene featuring tokens from Alien Antagonists, Heavy Armor, and Cosmic horrors, set within the cloning labs map by Tom Cartos.

To help bring these token packs to life here’s a quick adventure idea!

The Cthonian Incident

Magic, summoning circles, and otherworldly horrors make for fine holo-vid entertainment, but for the average space commando there’s far more terror to be found in the day to day border patrols, and keeping the corporate holdings of man secure from space pirates, hostile alien forces, and the occasional rebellion from rim world penal colonies.

Yet reports of just that came across the commanders desk last week, of a group of prospectors setting up shop in a bunch of alien ruins and practicing human sacrifice, ancient summoning rites, and most disturbingly of all, getting actual results beyond a bunch of corpses and a bounty on their insane heads.

Now the 31st orbital strike detachment has been tasked with securing the facility, getting to the bottom of these reports, and scrubbing this embarrassment off the corporate boards ledger before next quarters review board meeting.

Such an unsettling task has only been made more complicated by the unannounced arrival of the Telozan, reptilian aliens of the Selothpa Concordance, who have taken deep offense at a bunch of hairless apes using their holy ruins as ground zero for experiments involving dimensional fracturing, and contacting the old ones, or so the ambassadorial missive claimed.

With an angry Telozan recon patrol out for blood, it’s a race against time to secure the ruins and scrub any proof of Terran presence before the cultists manage to embroil all of humanity in an interstellar war.

2 Replies to “Assault Armor, Alien Antagonists, and Mysterious Mythos”

  1. riskgamer1 says:

    I just picked up more tokens, 99% of the tokens I use are from this site. Thanks for making it easy for me.

    1. Silveressa says:

      I’m glad you find these updates helpful, which token sets are your favorites out of the ones you’ve used?

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