Commissions and Other Things.

First off the store pages may or may not be showing the Add to Cart button. There is a + sign which functions as the add to cart button. I think it’s just a fluke with the theme. I’m trying to fix it but it may be beyond me.

Commissions aren’t currently closed, but they will be on hold until August. If you want to add a request for August feel free to send me the basic info. Obviously you will have time to get all the details together before then.

I am currently running a week or two behind on all orders. I appreciate all the fun orders I have lined up. I also realize that if I don’t get to a request soon enough that it may no longer be needed by the time I do get to it. I don’t like to miss deadlines and I don’t like to leave players without tokens sadly I can only work as quickly as I can with the girls and my wife home.

So the Silver Sale is over, it ran for well over two months and was hugely successful. I hope everybody who wanted to take advantage could do so. If anyone is really struggling financially but wants to have some visually exciting games please contact me. Thank you to everyone for their support.

Time off: I will be taking off the first two weeks of August to try and cool off before starting back up with the token work in mid-August. I really hope that all my work is done before the first of August.

Thank you to everybody showing up with nice comments and positive energy to keep me going, now more than any time in the past the positivity is keeping me going. I hope to have some new packs by the end of this summer.

3 Replies to “Commissions and Other Things.”

  1. William Doran says:

    Hey, what is the token in the image for this post? I spent like an hour going through the spreadsheet and couldn’t find it.

    1. devinnight says:

      I will respond through email.

  2. Yago Perez Ferreira says:

    Hi, I’m also interested in the token from the image.

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