A few exciting announcements for September

So about 3 weeks ago, maybe longer, I lost track of time several months ago.
I was approached by two brothers in England about a special project. At first I was skeptical, I get approached often about ideas and projects. Most never get past the idea stage. However after seeing what they had developed over the past couple months, maybe longer, changed my interest level fairly quickly.

They have been working on a tool to take tokens and allow users to modify them. Tokens need to be modified a bit to work with their app. So adding my 6,000+ tokens isn’t going to happen overnight. Once the tokens are in the app though you have several options, depending on how the token is set up you can change the colors of all the various parts. in some cases you will be able to switch around weapons and shields. The most complex of tokens allows you to change weapons, armor, heads, hair, and other parts. While still having the option to adjust the color of each one of those modified pieces.

But this app is not just about my tokens, many other artists will have the option to add their work to the tool. In fact I wasn’t even the first one invited to add work to the app. Jan Loos and Tom Cartos are both part of the initial launch, with styles similar to mine you will end up with access to a wide variety of custom tokens early into the apps release.

There is a Kickstarter launch planned for the 8th of September. If your interest is now piqued have a look at the link below.


So to the other exciting news. I have enliusted my friend to help rebuild my site. When i started assembling Immortal Nights about 10 years ago I built a site that I could manage with my limited abilities. It’s worked great but behind the scenes it’s a mess of duct tape and strings. One of the goals of building a new site is to have the ability to purchase tokens as part of packs, or individually. I have never been able to offer that service becuase it would require me to manually collect the tokens. We are hoping that we can make a robust system that allows for a variety of shopping options.

The new site is still a long ways off, but I will keep everyone updated when things progress. Another shout out to Silveressa for building the initial spread sheet that kicked off the idea of making individual token purchases an option.

Well that should be enough to most of you excited. I have released a variety of new packs into the wild. I am currently working on a large pack, Desert Encounters II. If you are in the queue I have not forgotten about you, I am working through that as quickly as I can.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting my work. I appreciate it.

2 Replies to “A few exciting announcements for September”

  1. camelotcrusade says:

    Everything sounds great! I will definitely support that Kickstarter.

    I have a question, though: why the different format on the Desert tokens? Is it to support the kickstarter? I want my tokens integrated on roll20 to save space quota, so it’s not to my advantage to buy them this way. Will they not be available there?

    Also, what is the Argosy map? I feel like I am missing something!

    1. devinnight says:

      Good questions.
      The Desert Encounters II started as a group of players wanting to make that pack happen. Since I work on commissions no one person wanted to fork over the money to get the set made, so they are dividing the initial cost between them by pre-purchasing the pack. Once the pack is funded it won’t be for sale til the pack is completed. It will then be released to all the marketplaces just like a regular pack. Sorry about the confusion.
      The Argosy map is a generic land vehicle/castle I always forget that I have it and should make it available for a very reasonable price sometime.

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