Deadly Deserts

Hello yet again fellow GM’s and players! Today we have the second Desert Encounters pack, full of fearsome foes unique to this harsh environment! (with special thanks to Tom Cartos for his desert boneyard map)

Here’s a quick plot hook to help inspire your next arid adventure!

Baleful Boneyard
In the far reaches of the Anauroch desert the sand washed remains of a forgotten battleground have been laid bare by a recent sandstorm, revealing a menagerie of sun bleached skeletons, and even a mighty Sand Wyrm.

No sooner had reports of this discovery reached outlying cities than a rush of treasure hunters, traders and alchemists began racing to be the first to exploit this rare find. The first arrivals found to their dismay, a necromancer was behind the scouring storm that revealed the lost graveyard, and was already at work fortifying her claim with a collection of summoned and tamed desert creatures, with plans already in motion to hold the region for herself once she solidifies her position.

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