The Horror, the Cosmic Horrors… also commissions are closed until the new year.

Hey everybody, first off I just finished the last token from the upcoming Cosmic Horrors token pack. This one was a fun one and has a lot of tentacles.

So down to business, business has been great, really too great. When the pandemic hit in March I started taking on a lot of work. The goal was to get new players their characters as quickly as possible. At first I could stay on top of it, I wasn’t leaving the house. Now, even though I am still not leaving the house the summer has slowed me down. The bottom line is I just can’t keep up the pace of making 2-3 tokens a day, then spending evenings working on other projects, and weekends working on yet more projects.

I did my best, and I still have token orders stretching into October. I never did manage to take a break in August. So, if you have your token request in already, then I will get to it as quickly as I can. For right now though, any new token request will have to be put off til 2021.

I often joke that if I had a clone I would be able to relax a little bit, but the truth of it is, if I had a clone, both of us would work just as hard because neither one of us would want to say no to a player who is looking forward to seeing their character in token form. Or to the Dm who really wants to scare the crap out of their players.

I will be around and I will still be active in all communities. I’m still hoping to show off a little of my own project as the time allows.

Thank you to everyone who has and who is supporting my work. I am truly lucky to have a job that lets me make so many gamers happy on a daily basis. I will be back, pen in hand and ready to make more tokens in 2021.

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