The Horror, the Cosmic Horrors… also commissions are closed until the new year.

Hey everybody, first off I just finished the last token from the upcoming Cosmic Horrors token pack. This one was a fun one and has a lot of tentacles.

So down to business, business has been great, really too great. When the pandemic hit in March I started taking on a lot of work. The goal was to get new players their characters as quickly as possible. At first I could stay on top of it, I wasn’t leaving the house. Now, even though I am still not leaving the house the summer has slowed me down. The bottom line is I just can’t keep up the pace of making 2-3 tokens a day, then spending evenings working on other projects, and weekends working on yet more projects.

I did my best, and I still have token orders stretching into October. I never did manage to take a break in August. So, if you have your token request in already, then I will get to it as quickly as I can. For right now though, any new token request will have to be put off til 2021.

I often joke that if I had a clone I would be able to relax a little bit, but the truth of it is, if I had a clone, both of us would work just as hard because neither one of us would want to say no to a player who is looking forward to seeing their character in token form. Or to the Dm who really wants to scare the crap out of their players.

I will be around and I will still be active in all communities. I’m still hoping to show off a little of my own project as the time allows.

Thank you to everyone who has and who is supporting my work. I am truly lucky to have a job that lets me make so many gamers happy on a daily basis. I will be back, pen in hand and ready to make more tokens in 2021.

3 Replies to “The Horror, the Cosmic Horrors… also commissions are closed until the new year.”

  1. Excited for the rest of creature codex! Just found your site and tokens great stuff! Keep up the great work

    1. devinnight says:

      Thanks! New Creature Codex packs will start showing up In February if all goes well.

      1. keola dacalio says:


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