Post GenCon

What a great weekend. I didn’t get to game as much as I would have liked, but I did manage to run into almost everybody I wanted to run into, plus I had the pleasure of talking to people I had not planned on talking to. I won’t be able to recall everybody’s name so […]

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A new map

Here is a map I finished for Headless Hydra Games I will probably end up doing quite a bit more from them. This isn’t the final, but close. I counted up the number of jobs I have lined up right now, it’s somewhere over 10. 3-4 map jobs, 3-4 token jobs and a few illustration […]

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Latest Work and Happy May

Here is some of my latest work. A map for a long standing Patron Brad from Level 99 games. An Illustration for my friends over at White Haired Man. Lastly some freelance work on a logo for a neighbor. The map took most of my free time this past week. Most of the work was […]

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