Latest Work and Happy May

Here is some of my latest work. A map for a long standing Patron Brad from Level 99 games. An Illustration for my friends over at White Haired Man. Lastly some freelance work on a logo for a neighbor.

The map took most of my free time this past week. Most of the work was done in Photoshop with some work in Illustrator. The full size is almost 20×20 inches.

The illustration will more than likely appear on the cover of the next White Haired Man product.

This logo with through many variations before coming to the final solution that captured the idea behind the business. I don’t post my non-hobby stuff very much, but I do a fair amount of it and I liked the way this logo turned out.

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  1. Viz says:

    Very nice. I wonder if the little guy figures he needs to get out before he’s the next meal.

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