Post GenCon

What a great weekend. I didn’t get to game as much as I would have liked, but I did manage to run into almost everybody I wanted to run into, plus I had the pleasure of talking to people I had not planned on talking to.

I won’t be able to recall everybody’s name so I’ll just say that it was great talking to everybody if I forget your name please forgive me it was a whirlwind of faces and names. There was a lot of positive comments about my work and kickstarter. I’m looking forward to building better relationships with all the people who want to work with me.  Matt Morton, Nick, and all the guys from D20Pro, John and the other guy (sorry) at Epic Table, Doug and the JPG the younger at Fantasy Grounds, Mike Muldoon and the team at Infrno, Riley Dutton and his partner for Roll 20, The Guy at the Profantasy booth who I didn’t have enough time to talk to properly (sorry), The guys at RPG with Me, and all the guys running booths who were cool. Also Larry from WEGS, I’ve been helping him on some things here and there and in return I got a shiny new t-shirt. Thanks.

I also got to meet and talk to a few fellow cartographer/illustrators. Jared Blendo and Mike Schley who are both formidable workers with amazing skills. Equally nice to talk to. I also talked to Dave White (a fellow CCAD graduate)  who draws amazing mechs, thanks for the poster and I’ll grab one of your books online this week.

I finally met Matt Jackson one of the original Ugly Monsters and Bryan who I have played Inspectres with online.
Ed Healey and I couldn’t seem to find the right timing to actually talk which is a bummer.

I also want to thank the guys who ran games for us. One guy from The Red Shirts who ran a DnD Battle Royale game, the guy who ran our Super Dungeon Explore game, and all the people who just let me hover over them as they played.

Also to Kit, thanks for hanging out, dinner at the Ram, (thank all those guys when you get together to play next include Daphne)  all the tweeting and posting and introductions I had a blast hanging out with you. To the guys at the tweet up thanks for all the work that made that possible.

Steven Russel from Rite Publishing it was good seeing you over lunch. Ryan from EnPublishing I wish I could have seen the game played on the map you printed out.

A big  thanks to my friend Shane who went out there with me. Though he did pick a hotel that we are pretty sure is slated to be demolished as soon as the weekend was over.

I hope I covered everything, if I left you out let me know.

Last I’d like to thank my wife for letting me go and being so supportive. Not only that but spending the weekend cleaning and moving the girls playroom downstairs so I could move my playroom upstairs. You are awesome.

Coming soon… More tokens! I have 30 custom character tokens to make before the end of the month.. if possible. A couple other custom tokens too.

Thanks for stopping by.


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