Mapping Mystic Empyrean: Tower of Nitar

So, I spent all of last week on this one project. I didn’t intend to, it’s just that I couldn’t stop working on it once I started. I’d go bed thinking of the things I hadn’t done yet. Then wake up wanting to do those things, leading to wanting to do more things.

The commission comes from Brad of Level 99 Games. Last year I spent a good deal of time making map objects for his ipad application.

The city was too complex to make detailed maps. So what I tried to achieve was just a general feel for various levels of the tower. The request was for one 8.5 x 11 showing the side view and slices. I quickly realized that it was too complex an idea to keep it to just one page. So it grew to 5 pages. Though the 1 image does a pretty good job, and I put that one together last showing the side view and the various levels.

level 99

5 Replies to “Mapping Mystic Empyrean: Tower of Nitar”

  1. so he got alot more than he bargained for lol.

  2. devinnight says:

    We renegotiated the price after I explained my concern about the depth of the project.

  3. It’s important that an artist has the freedom to break a few boundaries. The fact that Devin wanted to do extra for the city shows that I got the right person for the job.

    On another note, the book is out now:

    1. I like the way this set of illustrations gives the intent rather than specific details. Details like hallways and rooms are easy to come by, this kind of work is not. Nice execution on your concept Devin.

      1. devinnight says:

        Yeah, specific details weren’t even an option, I had to fight with my head to go away from trying to add detail, at the this scale it would have just been a cluttered mess. Thanks.

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