August is here, and almost over.

Well, I wanted to take July off from work, but that didn’t happen, I did manage to get out more with the girls though.

I’m happy to have the work, and it keeps coming in. I used a lot of the money I’ve made making tokens this year to buy a new wacom tablet. It’s taking a while to get used to, but I’m sure once I’m really used to it my work will pick up speed.

I just wrapped up a job for some guys in Europe. They have used my tokens to create an rpg/battle game. Head over to though the screenshots haven’t been updated yet, there are new screen shots in the forum.

I squeezed in a quick job for Jason in California the devil below was for him. The Troll is a larger token job that will take me into September to finish.

I’m also going to be working with a good guy on creating artwork for a game and possibly creating an art pack of the monsters from that game. There is a skeleton below from that series of art.

And lastly the letter Y with a smore on it… Why.. because smores are awesome.

I still have a ton of other jobs lined up and personal projects that I want to work on, I’m hoping that I will get more done during the following months.

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