November, Things are finally slowing down.

November is here, It seems just like a week ago that it was early June and I would have the whole summer to do things. Well I did do a lot of things and the summer flew past, and Fall is almost winter.. well it is winter if you live on the East Coast. I have managed to complete a few jobs which I will post images of below.

Amongst the finished work is a 24 page catalog for a local business Stanton’s Sheet Music. The map for White Haired Man a set of tokens that has taken me way too long to finish for Drew, the character illustrations for Toon, and a sample page from The Breaking of Forstor Nagar which Rite Publishing released last month.

I continue to do work for Citrasolv, though this week they are without power, being some of the unlucky ones on the East Coast. Also Rite Publishing keeps me on my toes with new covers for their Pathways magazine and other book covers.

So that leaves some frost giants to finish up (followed by fire giants) and the Star Trek tokens. When those are done I may go through and create some map object packs to sell on my token site.

Hope everybody had a great Halloween and I hope to have more to show before Thansgiving.

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