TP170: The Haunted


TP170: The Haunted



Si Durmió, Moriar

Fame, fortune, and the Queen’s own favor: these are the perquisites of induction into the Knightly Order of the Drum. Tasked with protecting Sir Francis Drake’s drum at Buckland Abbey from all manner of supernatural threats, the Knightly Order thus safeguards Great Britain’s strongest protector in his undeath- for in order to overthrow the Queen, the drum must first be destroyed!

But not anyone can join. Birth status means little to the Order; what only matters is the capability to stand up to horrors beyond human imagining. The Order exclusively recruits true survivors of supernatural events. The maimed and the insane are not considered. The strong, stalwart iron that survives such a crucible is sought by the Order and given the chance to win a Knighthood from Queen Victoria herself. But all good swords require a bit of tempering.


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