TP 162: Cosmic Horrors Animated


TP 162: Cosmic Horrors Animated


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“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” -HP Lovecraft

Unfathomable horrors brought to life! If you thought Deep Ones, Elder Things, and Ghast, were already cosmically catatonic inducing, wait until you see them here! 23 of Lovecraft’s most iconic creations have been fully animated! Summon an assault of animated abominations in your campaign tonight!

The second set by Teiva Roche. Breathing life into these cosmic horrors… seriously much scarier when they move.
Note: these tokens are the same that appear in the static TP147: Cosmic Horrors pack, though not all of the static ones were animated.

This pack now has VP8 and VP9 animations to work with Fantasy Grounds. (VP8 versions are labeled as such)

tindalos Hound
deep One A
deep One B
elder Thing
entropy Beast A
entropy Beast B
eye Monster
flying Polyp A
flying Polyp B
hunting Horror
miGo A
miGo B
night Gaunt
servitor Horn
star Vampire


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