Folly’s Fountain

Hello again fellow GM’s and players! It’s been almost a year since you’ve last heard from me, but I’ve been busily working behind the scenes helping Devin with his latest endeavors.

Now that the Patreon has officially launched and underway I’m returning to my usual bi-monthly posts of inspirational action scenes and extra content!

Today’s action scene features a selection of tokens from the following packs:

Maze Masters

Two legged Terrors

Heroic Characters 34

Heroic Characters 32

Daring Knights

Coastal Creatures

Sinister Snakes

*With a special thank you to Tom Cartos for the use of his Long Shadow Casino map

(If you have a content preference between vignettes, plot hooks, or a single short adventure idea, feel free to post in the comments and let me know, or ping me on the Patreon Discord!)

That’s all for now,  I’ll leave you with a short & sweet encounter idea!

Folly’s Fountain

The recently constructed Long Shadow Casino has been rumored to be full of secrets, but few people suspected the outdoor fountain was one them. Constructed by famous gnome architect Folly Spang Sprocket, the fountain itself was a minor marvel of engineering. Using a top secret patented method of pulling in pure water from the elemental plane it produced a limitless supply of hydration in the otherwise parched desert.

However it’s arcane technology was also the perfect tool for a cabal of summoners seeking to conjure forth their god of the deep ocean, hoping to claim the near by casino as their new lair!

Their discreet scouting of the fountain has been discovered by a visiting bad of adventures seeking the favor of lady luck, resulting in a public clash of magic and steel for control over the fabled fountain, a precursor for a full fledged assault on the Long Shadow Casino by the cult and its hired minions!

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