TP 165: Heroic Characters 32


TP 165: Heroic Characters 32



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A hefty heaping of human heroes hurdles your way! Skulking Sky Pirates, Nefarious Ninja, Bold Barbarians and more! 32 different human heroes of both genders are contained within, a perfect collection to round out your next group of supporting (or opposing) NPC extras!


Human assassin Red
Human Barbarian red
Human Barbarian red2
Human Barbarian
Human Cleric Dark
Human Fighter Bastard2
Human Monk
Human SkyPirate 2
Human SkyPirate
Human SkyPirateBR
Human SkyPirateBR2
Human Sorceress
Human Young wizard
Human Anti-Paladin
Human Assassin
Human Assassin2
Human Assassin3
Human Barbarian 1220
Human Dark hunter
Human Djinn
Human Eldritch Knight
Human Fighter Commander
human Fighter Black
Human Hell-Knight NH
Human Infiltrator
Human Ninja
Human Paladin Crown
Human Pirate Mage
Human Pirate venture
Human Sorcerer Blade2
Human Sorcerer


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