School Season, Patreon and Price Update

The kids have started back to school, well at least my older one has. The younger one starts on Thursday. I’m hoping to have more free time during the day to create tokens.

I am hoping to launch the Patreon September 1st. There will be several tiers ranging from $1 to $12. The second tier and above will get you a base of at least 10 tokens, additional tokens will be added for every 200 backers. Backing at the Muse level or higher will get you a 30% discount on all items in the store. I haven’t hammered out all the details but will before launching.

I have updated my pricing to reflect my current rates. Any job added to the queue at this point will be charged $25 per token. There will be some things that affect that price, but $25 is now the base price.

Sorry I haven’t been posting more, I have had a good though odd summer and I’m looking forward to trying to get back onto a regular schedule. Thanks for all the support over the past years.

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