May Updates

Well it’s May, and that’s ok. It’s been a while so I thought I should give a couple updates on what my plans are for the upcoming summer.

First off my oldest was in an accident, she’s fine, the car was not so lucky. So I have been driving her back and forth to school and work the past two weeks and might still be doing it this week. Which really just means that I have had about 4 hours a day (not in a row) to work on projects. I haven’t been overly productive but I have managed to get about 6 new token packs ready for the store. 5 new packs are already uploaded and there are two, Yuan-ti and Star Travellers 2 still need some work before they are ready.

With these new packs I will probably be creating the Fantasy Buff 4 and soon I should have enough to create the first Scifi Buff 1 bundles.

One of the main focuses of the past week was to start making more diverse tokens. I have not made nearly enough POC characters. I hope to remedy that and to that end spent most of the week just focusing on creating new head files. The variety will grow as I continue to refine the files and add new hair styles, tattoos and other things.

The school year is almost over which means the kids will be home more…. just kidding, the kids have been home for over a year. We are planning on doing a little traveling though. Seeing friends and family that we haven’t seen in over a year. I don’t plan on opening up commissions until the fall when the kids do back to school. My oldest will be attending college. My wife will more than likely be going back to work around then as well so I might have the house all to myself again.

Well that’s it for now. As always I want to thank everyone for their ongoing support. It is and always will be appreciated.

3 Replies to “May Updates”

  1. camelotcrusade says:

    Thanks for the update, man. And I think your addition of more diverse tokens will be very welcome. Both I and my players have wanted to use them at times, and it can be hard to find the variety we are used to, so this definitely fills a need!

  2. The Goblin says:

    Hi Devin,
    It’s good to see you’re getting back into making token packs and doing well. I was just wondering if you had any updates on the Creature Codex tokens as I haven’t really seen any updates regarding them since the 2021 update last October, don’t mean to pressure you but have been eagerly awaiting the rest of the tokens because you do such a great job šŸ™‚
    Thanks as always

    1. devinnight says:

      I’m hoping I can get back to working on them in June, then work on them over the summer and into the fall.

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