Starpost Tashta III

“Everything is set out here Okav.” Captain Saladin told the science offer quietly, his suits comlink crackling slightly from the incoming machines jamming fields. Whispering wasn’t really necessary in the vacuum of space, but it was an old habit, inherited from his ancestors centuries past, before the Federation, when mankind still huddled in caves and stared up at the stars with superstitious awe rather than scientific curiosity.

“You’re reckless pale skin, brave, but reckless.” He replied, giving the power shunt a final once over with his tricoder and nodding in satisfaction at the hasty bypass. It should hold, long enough to discharge a suitable burst of energy and slow down the unknown hostiles that had taken over this far flung outpost on the edge of Dominion space.

“Here they come!” Saladin yelled, raising his phaser and unleashing a steady stream of energy at the largest of the lumbering mechanical monstrosities, the beam splintering into a dazzling pulse of light at its impact, but barely slowing the automaton as it took another ponderous step forward.

Kerensky only nodded and opened fire, not one to waste her focus on words when a situation demanded action. She allowed herself a ghost of a smile as her blast struck true, shattering the crystalline headplate of the smaller robot, it’s return fire blacenking the relay console the captain ducked behind.

“Now Okav!” Foxwell shouted, slamming the connection closed and raising her rifle as the science offer raised the power conduit feed to full strength, the machine enveloped in a dancing web of electricity. “Captain, if we intersect our beams at the creatures joints we might be able to cut our way through it before it recovers.” She stated, sparing him a brief glance and adjusting her aim at his nod of agreement.

Greetings once more fellow GM’s, today’s space encounter features tokens from the Star Travelers Male & Star Travelers Female packs, in a desperate battle against unknown robotic enemies from the Sci-fi Characters 2 pack grab them now, and start your trek between the stars!

3 Replies to “Starpost Tashta III”

  1. bellerophon says:

    Nice Enterprise reference.

    Those packs are epic and huge, and I love the interchangeable heads. Would love to see Devin do some scifi stuff based on robots like berserkers, terminators, and bolos. Maybe some Kzin while he’s at it!

  2. Silveressa says:

    Actually, Devin has done a Terminator themed pack a while back, Cyborgs & Soldiers. You can pick up here!

  3. el_marronero2 says:

    I admire Devin’s work, among all the token types available out there is one in which he can excel Mechs, the first time he made a mech based set I fell in love with it, I wish he can add more to that category as well. Seen very few out there, but this time he ca go a little more Japanese version of his style.

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