The House on Halgrem Hill

“A librarian, a sailor and two soldiers run into a haunted house, sounds like the beginning to a really bad joke doesn’t it? Well the joke was on us when we found out these so called cultists were more than a bunch of crackpots with candles murdering pets at the old abandoned manor outside of Springvale.”

Hello once more fellow Gm’s and players, I’m back again with a selection of tokens from one of Devin’s most recent packs 1930’s Characters, and some choice mythos style creatures from his widely popular Tome of Beasts compilation. Also a sincere thank you to Tom Cartos for the magnificent work on his Essenheim-Manor, which was used in the creation of this scene.

Here’s a quick’n easy adventure framework to help get you inspired!

-The House on Halgrem Hill

Nobody thought too much of it when local dogs and cats started going missing, everyone knew there was an uptick in the wild coyotes out in the forest, and times had been tight for some the poorer folk since the mill shut down, and they would often do whatever it took to put food in their families bellies.

When the local ne’er do wells vacated the area, a prominent socialites teenage sons disappeared from their backyard one evening however, people took notice.

The cops were busy chasing down the usual leads of jealous ex wives, juvenile runaways and other mundane leads the families eccentric uncle hired the investigators to look into the situation, convinced a fresh pair of eyes “not on the gov pay roll” would give better results.

What’s really going on down near the docks now the illegal dog fighting ring has been shut down that keeps drawing people to the area after dark?”

Is there any truth to the rumors of an illegal speakeasy at the decommissioned mill using forced labor to produce their latest batches of hooch?

What about the mayors recent influx of wealth and apparent good fortune after the recent drowning of his beloved wife, and rumors of his late night walks along the beach where he claims her footprints can still be found?

Amidst various debaucheries and local intrigue the investigators will find one thing in common, the house on Halgrem Hill, and it’s recent owners. Enigmatic sorts that seem to have their hands in everyone’s pockets, and discouraged anyone from poking their noses too far into their business.

The kind of business that involves contracts with Deep Ones, and is conducted under starless skies beckoning to the one who waits dreaming…

2 Replies to “The House on Halgrem Hill”

  1. bellerophon says:

    Never mess with a librarian in a haunted house. You need a bell, book, and candle for a good exorcism and a good librarian already has one on hand.

    Looking at the token pack I’m really happy with the wide variety of roles included. There’s even a hobo, my favorite job to play in a Lovecraftian universe!

    1. devinnight says:

      Thank you.

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