Kingdoms of Light, Dark, and Men

Hello again fellow GM’s & players, today’s feature is a triple play of Devin’s recent token packs, Nobles & Knights, Holy Warriors, and the Demonic Horde!

(Also a special thank you to Tom Cartos for his Dwarven Kingdom Entrance map , which was used in the creation of this scene. )

Here’s some adventure hooks to help inspire your next session!

Corruption within the Kingdom of Aramesh

The nobles of Aramesh have been dealing with an internal power struggle for the latter half of the current century, but now a group of minor nobles have turned to the dark arts in a bid to claim the kingdom for themselves.

Though a dark union with the Demon Lord Sethkiro, the nobles have promised a bounty of sacrifice in return for their aid in usurping the current ruling nobility.

Now with an army of demons at their back, only the holy warriors from the ancient Temple of Divine Order stand between them and a new age of darkness.

The Lost City of Grk’ukz

After centuries of jealousy for their riches, the elven mage-kingdom of Malathewel had several of their necromancers summoned dark beings to ravage the dwarvish city of Grk’ukz.

Grk’ukz has laid empty for centuries, haunted by their magical creations. But no more: Brokun Diamondheart, last prince of their line, has cashed in decades of favors to hire a band of adventurers. Grk’ukz is his birthright, and his friends will help him cleanse the taint from it’s halls and bring it back to glory.

The Broken Flask

After ten thousand years entombed in the Flask of Motakha, a clumsy servant accidentally fulfilled an ancient prophecy and set loose the Samnite Horde!

The horde has to fight their way through an entire castle dedicated to containing them. If they can pass through the castle gates, the Samnite Horde will be free of the curse that twisted their bodies and souls- and then they can work on getting their revenge on the dark god who secretly rules the world!

The Grand Cull

Every year, the city of Ostralka hosts a bounty hunt. Scores of adventurers descend into the nearby Obsidian Pit, a labyrinthine ruin that descends to the very reaches of Hell itself.

This annual cull keeps the demons of the Obsidian Pit from spilling out of the city of Ostralka and has made the reputations of hundreds of adventurers.

Riches and glory await the strongest fighters- but nobody talks about the people who never make it back.

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