Lost Horizons

The peal of the self destruct alarm blended into the cacophony of gunfire and alien screams as the group dashed down the corridor of the Lost Horizon, the ship shuddering from the explosions that ripped through lower decks, the gravity fluctuating wildly.

“This was not how I planned to spend my retirement Scarlet!” Natasha shouted, ejecting the spent magazine from her hand handgun and glancing over at the gene lifted Racoon with an expression of grim resignation.

“Relax, at the rate we’re going, your retirement is only going to last Another 14 minutes.” She quipped in response, sliding to a stop as the newest group of Vyrids filled the hallway before them.

Bear parted his jaws to snarl out a warning, but his cry was buried under the piercing howl of Chanos, the Vyrids bio-cannon dissolving him to a skeletal mess in its opening spray as he swiveled his harness guns to open fire.

“Captain, on our six!” Zsofia shouted, spinning to raise her light machine gun and rake an opening volley across the new arrivals as they scampered forward, the leading hostile slipping in the trail of blood Scarlet left behind her with every step.

“Heather, you and Victor support Zsofia, the rest of you follow my lead!” Sheba barked over the gunfire, tensing to leap forward at closest enemy in cybernetically enhanced fury, her pair of slicer drones skittering across the ship floor tiles as they respond to her mental commands and tore into the flanks of her target.

Todays feature is an action shot of Devin’s new Wasteland Foes token pack, and also features the various heroines from Warriors of the Wasteland 1 Warriors of the Wasteland 2 and Warriors of the Wasteland 3, ready for download now!

Also, a special thank you to Ryan Wolfe at 0-hour, for his all around fantastic starship deckplan Misfortune, which was used in the creation of this image.

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  1. bellerophon says:

    Those are some big nasty Zer- I mean Tyr- I mean Vyrid. F in chat for Chanos. I love the harness guns. Any chance we can see those on some human tokens? They’d look pretty badass.

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