The Rat Pack

Hey fellow GM’s and players, today I’m here with a few quick’n fun adventure hooks for Devin’s latest token pack, Steampunk rats!

-Against The Mottled Horde:

In the aftermath of the recent orc invasion the heroes home city has been left in near ruins, with the work to rebuild delayed by a lack of manpower and critical resources still diverted to wage the ongoing conflict. From beneath the streets the mottled horde rises to take advantage of the chaos above, striking from the shadows against those few defenses still left standing as the probe for weaknesses and plunder what few riches and city folk are left behind.

With the kingdoms armies comitted to the orc warfront, and the city miltia all but wiped out in recent battle can the heroes stand against the mottled horde?

-Lab Rats

The legendary (and mad) Gnomish inventor Fizz-bang Sprocket-Scowl is well known for explosive ideas and being a danger to public, and thus has been run out of almost every civilized burg this side of the Hounds Tooth mountains over the past fifty years. Unfortunately whenever Fizz-bang is forced to hastily relocate he often leaves behind his workshop of inventions to decay into ruin.

In recent weeks a pack of ratmen have uncovered such a lost ruin, as are on a rampage on the edges of civilization, sporting a mixture of steam powered and gunpowder enhanced contraptions, devices they are putting to good use to pillage unsuspecting caravans and terrorize outlying farmsteads. Putting a stop to these tech powered rat bandits will not only net adventurers the usual fortune and fame, but also allow them uncover a lost workshop of fantastical creations; some of which might even work as intended when put to use for heroic ends.

-Plague Rats

Few things are worse than a necromancer, and fewer things still, worse than a Ratling necromancer, with an army of augmented ratkin at their side. Rot-Tail The Undying, said to be a liches lowly servant until he mastered the dark arts after his masters defeat in The Battle of the Moonsong Hills. Using his new found powers to raise his fallen brethren to his aid, Rot-Tail quickly spread his influence among the dark festering places of the world, freeing others of his kind from slavery, and encouraging still more to rise up and take the land for ratkind from the “lesser” races.

As Rot-tails army grows, so too does a wasting sickness that sweeps across the land, robbing those it does not outright kill of their strength and will. Now returning from adventures in the sweltering jungles to the southlands, the heroes find their homeland rotting from within, an undead army of ratkin clawing at the underbelly of civilization to feed on its spoils.

-Of Rats & Men

Mercenary Armies often have humble beginnings, and so it was with the Tailtooth Brigade, former slave rats from the Southern Empire before their slave galley sank off the frozen northern coast near Kraken Bay. The villagers of Elks End were quick to hire the near by mercenary company Forsaken Forge to put an end to any survivors; but the mercenaries of the Forsaken Forge had other ideas.

Not ones to let those fit to fight perish needlessly their leader rescued the waterlogged rats and made them an simple offer, join his band of mercs and be earn a cut of their spoils and a modicum of freedom, or be left to perish in the frozen tundra. Now after several months of training the first “Ratpack” is ready to take on their first mission, and he’s chosen some of the more promising guild members to personally oversee their maiden excursion.

Can the heroes lead the ratpack to victory on their first assignment and find them worthy of the being called brothers in arms? Or will they find that ratkin are loyal only to each other, and the trappings of civilization pale in comparison to the freedom to pillage and raid the coastline as brigands?

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  1. bellerophon says:

    I actually really love the ‘Of Rats and Men’ scenario. There’s a lot of good RP potential to be had in the interactions between the rats and their new employers, a la Pratchett’s ‘The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents’. What token packs would you suggest would go with these rats for this scenario?

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