Silveressa’s Introductory

Hi yas, I’m Jenette, but some of you online probably know me as Silveressa. I’m Devin’s new assistant and will be posting some exciting new things in this space throughout 2020. I’ve been playing and GMing RPGs for over 26 years now and happy to have this opportunity to contribute to my favorite hobby.

In the weeks to come I’ll be posting some action shots from Roll 20 of various tokens I’ve commissioned from Devin for my campaigns, as well as different scenes using other tokens of his. In addition to these images I’ll also be adding some accompanying short fiction vignettes based off my current campaigns to help inspire fellow GM’s.

Feel free to post in the comments if you have any special requests for featured tokens in future action shots, or want me to post more about my campaigns.

In the post apocalyptic wastelands bunkers hold both lost technology and danger in equal measure.

The apocalyptic survivors featured in the image above are:

Heather Dalton, medic and before times history expert from the southern ville Drywell
Allie, barbarian ex-raider from the wastelands, master of the blade
Fujin Torres a,k,a Whirlwind, power armor operator and lost technology expert from the colony Hopes Ashes
Tanith Shadille, salvager and close quarters combat specialist from the colony Hopes Ashes
Raijah Shadille, sniper and houndmaster from the colony Hopes Ashes
Nova, mutant coyote of exceptional intelligence, Raijah’s closest companion and confidant

Links to purchase the tokens above are coming soon…

2 Replies to “Silveressa’s Introductory”

  1. bellerophon says:

    Awesome first post. Love Raijah’s color theme. Have the tokens been posted yet? Also where can we find the monsters?

    1. devinnight says:

      link to monster pack:
      I’m hoping to continue to release character and creatures in the Wasteland series.

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