Last day of school!

Well, not for me, but my girls. Summer is here.

I’m going to close down taking new requests for a while. I’ll work on all requests that are already in the queue. I’ve been juggling a lot of token related activities and ideas and the one thing I keep coming back to is just how disorganized all my work has become. So I hope to spend a fair amount of time this summer getting my shit together. 🙂


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  1. John Kane says:

    I really need to do that myself. Once I am really, really persuaded of the need for change, then I find it easier to set my mind to the task, and settle on a plan. … and then just get on with it. Being retired, my time is my family’s time, but sometimes I have to say, I’ve got to do this now, or I’ll have no peace of mind. I pray that you are guided on the right path for your family-work life balance. I find that I am more creative doing things for others.

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