May, Sunshine and Work

Well I have finally seen the sun two days in a row. I usually don’t talk a lot about myself but I will say that I suffer a bit from seasonal depression. Winters are usually pretty hard on me. Days of endless cold followed by months of overcast skies and rain can really drain my optimism.

Anyway, I have just uploaded the first Animated token set. It’s the product of my token work and the amazing animation skills of Geoffrey Palmer. The end result is a beautiful, breathing living thing. I am excited to say that we will continue to release packs as often as he can produce them.

I’d also like to thank 3 people who have been helping me to stay on top of my workload, and by on top I mean keeping a steady 3-4 week turnaround time. If I work hard and keep them busy we might cut that down to 2 week turnaround. Their names are Erlina, Devon, and Mathias. So far they have colored a bunch of the upcoming Aquatic Adventures pack. Without their help I would be drowning in work.

There are some great sets in the works. I will be sure to post about them as they get closer to release, or in most cases after I release them.

I’s also like to give a shout out to The Foundry for showcasing the animated tokens.

As always, thanks to everyone who is keeping me busy, or has kept me busy with work. I appreciate each and every one of you.

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