June and the crazy days of Summer

The summer is in full swing. The girls are sleeping in and I’m getting up early on most days to work while the house is quiet. Production always slows down during the summer months but the requests sure haven’t.

I am going to take July off from custom work. The most recent requests and all future requests will be bumped to late August when the girls head back to school. During July I will be splitting my days with token work in the morning (secret project which is already a month behind schedule) and ripping out my old kitchen, the entire floor and a couple small walls. My friend Matt is building new cabinets and he will be installing them once I get everything else in order. All in all it should be a solid 2-3 weeks of work and probably much worse than I’m thinking.

If you like fun to play and not overly complex adventuring boardgames look up “Broadsword” on Kickstarter soon. A Google+ friend of mine is launching it in the next day or so. I created a bunch of tokens for the project so that it could be played in a virtual table top, Like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. I played several sessions earlier in the year while he was testing the rules and gameplay. If you are familiar with the 1980s game Heroquest you will notice the influence on this game.

I spent a good chunk of the past weekend at Origins here in Columbus. I took the girls down on Friday and walked around and bought them way too many gifts. I went back down on Saturday with my friend Shane and we spent the whole day trying out as many games as we could. Some of those include… Spoils of War, Paradox, Arena and several others. I had a bad habit several years ago of backing a lot of kickstarters. SO while I wasn’t looking to buy anything Shane ended up buying 4-5 games.

As always thanks to my many patrons and supporters. I am going to try and create a page of quotes from my patrons. It’s a serious ego boost when a client says something really nice. I charge a reasonable fee for what I do and I manage to pay the bills and have some left over for fun and games. What really keeps me going though is the kind words, appreciation and happiness that I get to spread to fellow gamers. The wall of compliments will really be about having a place to put a lot of these things together. So that when I’m feeling down or not good enough I can look at it and remind myself that several peoples games have been made better by my work.

Here is a sample…

  • These all look incredible! Your attentiveness to your customers needs is one of the many reasons your as successful as you are. Along with your skills and vast experience. You are a joy to communicate with on orders and that makes you in my opinion the best man for the job when it comes to commissioning pieces. I fully understand your needs. I believe you are a parent and its summer holidays so you have kids with needs. Your remodelling your kitchen. And I’m not sure but I believe I’m right im saying that this isn’t your sole occupation. So honestly what you can achieve despite how busy you are astounds me. So in late august/early October I will get back in touch with more orders. Thank you again for your time. You do the tabletop community a fantastic service.    -Acenet

It’s responses like this that keep me going and pushing my craft.


7 Replies to “June and the crazy days of Summer”

  1. Acenet says:

    I meant every word there Devin. top quality work. hope that secret project goes well along with all the other big things in your life at the moment

    1. devinnight says:

      Thanks! 🙂

  2. munky says:

    Your token art has inspired me and my games I run and create for years, and will do so for many years to come! From one artist to another, I tip my hat. Good luck with the home remodeling, I went through a big project last summer, so I fully understand how hard that alone can be. Your commitment to your fans and Patrons is beyond respectable. The passion and drive you display is an inspiration to me in itself. Enjoy those quiet early mornings, I know I do!

  3. devinnight says:

    Thank you Munky, we are getting close to getting things back in order. I have a ton of work lined up and should be releasing 6 new packs later today. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving me some kind words.

    1. munky says:

      Ooooooh! New Tokens to play with! Now you got me excited!!!

  4. Nick says:

    Devin have you thought about starting a Patreon page? Charge something like $2 per token you produce and I bet you get many people subscribing to it.

    1. devinnight says:

      Hey Nick, I have thought about it, I even set up an account. I just haven’t managed to find the time to figure out how I would set it up. If you or anyone has a good idea about how I should set it up I’m happy to listen.

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