6 new packs and a future Patreon project.

Good morning everyone.

Last week I released 6 new packs to the store bringing the total number of token packs to 96 if you don’t include the item packs. Including all my work across all Genres I’ve created about 4,500 tokens to date. Over 1,000 free tokens including the Space Opera tokens which I add to every so often.

I have several projects in the Que, one of them involves creating a token for every entry in a published book. This one I’m hoping to reveal soon but I need to make a little more progress in the next two weeks. The second one is a Patreon project. I’ve been asked to create a Patreon by several patrons and finally had an idea that would work, besides just making tokens which I do on a daily basis already. This Patreon will be dedicated to making a collection of Dead tokens. A dead version of every token in the SRD and more to boot. I’ve wanted to create this type of pack for a long time. Dead creatures will have a variety of variant death states, killed by magic, or killed with arrows and stab wounds, killed by fire. I will try to create a token weekly or every other week. I’m hoping to launch the Patreon project in September.

July first I started ripping apart our existing kitchen. I have spent a lot of time working on the house in July and only managed to spend a couple hours each week making tokens. My que is bursting with requests and I can’t even start them til the girls head back to school mid-August. I am contemplating using a new que system where I only take on 20 tokens per month. This allows me to make 20 requested tokens and about 20 for my projects. Roughly 2 tokens a day, which as it works out is about how many I can effectively do during a month. Once I establish this I will have a post dedicated to tracking the requests. Once a month has been filled up new requests will be bumped to the next months que. This system will be in place until I finish the larger project mentioned above, which may take around a year to finish.

In other news I recently celebrated my 48th birthday, I am close to reaching the Epic tier and I really hope there is a bonus for that.

To all my family, friends supporters, thank you very much for your support and kind words.


Early stages of removal

early stages of building


New packs

2 Replies to “6 new packs and a future Patreon project.”

  1. Velderve says:

    After 14 years my group decides to move from AD&D to 5th edition and I was looking for visual props different to miniatures.

    Finding about tokens lead to your site and I got to say what an amazing work!

    Unfortunately I arrived couple of weeks late for the Broadsword KS. Will those tokens be available on your site too?

    I will download few samples to try them and your prices are very reasonable.

    Hope that you keep doing more project in the future .

    1. devinnight says:

      That’s a big jump. Thanks for the kind words. The Broadsword KS is over but I hope he has something in place for people to order it after the fact. I haven’t thought about releasing the tokens here but I’ll think about that as well.

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