The End of August.

My kickstarter ended last night, much to my joy better than expected. I will try to write about the experience in the upcoming days. A big Thanks! to everyone who helped out and backed the project.

I just wrapped up a custom token job. Just in time to start work on the custom tokens I owe for TTF kickstarter and my own Kickstarter. Add in another 15+ custom tokens for Jason at D3 games, and 5 maps for En Publishing. I will probably be busy for some time.

August was a great month and I think the next two, while busy should be good as well.

Thanks for swinging by, more to come soon.

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  1. wadehone says:


    Thanks for the updates via Kickstarter. Nell’s work is exiting! I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about some one else doing similar work to yours, but I’m really impressed with what your sending out – Way to go you guys! what a team!

    I’m probably going to be using your Top Down’s while running my Weekly pathfinder game on Epic Table – you know he just went live with version 1.0 a few weeks ago? I saw his link to your page on his web site and it made me all warm inside thinking about how this ‘community’ of VTT users is as tightly woven as it is. (here was the page: )

    I wish you luck in all the artistry making magic that you have ahead of you! I’m glad your kick starter went well! I spent last night ‘sorting’ my virtual tokens and such – I’m starting to have quite the collection hah!

    Have a great day!

    Wade (zWolf) -out.

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