Kickstarter, GenCon and me.

The Kickstarter is going well, over $4000 raised so far. I’ve done a couple videos of me making tokens and I plan on making a couple more. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out you have 13 days left, please check it out.

I’m off to GenCon Thursday, so if you are going to be there let me know, I always enjoy meeting fellow gamers. I’ll be walking around so I don’t have a set place I’ll be.

In the works are 20 tokens fro a patron, 30 custom tokens for another kickstarter, 20 or so token statues, and when my kickstarter ends about 200 monster tokens if not more. Luckily school starts next week and if I can keep the social media sites turned off and if I don’t get sucked into Breaking Bad and more episodes of Full Metal Alchemist I should be able to do about 3 tokens a day, so in 3 months I should have my current workload done.

Thanks for stopping by.


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