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I’ve spent the past two days working on almost exclusively on getting new packs ready for the store. Yesterday was all about sizing, making all the tokens to scale in the 4 packs that will be ready when the store opens in a couple days. Those 4 packs are Amazons, Brigands, Undead 1, and Orcs and Goblins. While putting the Undead set together I realized it was a bit light. So I spent this morning-afternoon making several new undead. The new undead are Wights and a Wraith and 2 Spectres. Most of the new tokens will follow the 4E monster setup, so variants should match the ones found there. Though they are still useful for any system. I’ve attached my inked versions below of the new undead.

I hope to add Forged-Kin and Dragon-Kin to the store within a week or two of opening and then follow those up with Undead II (including vampires) and Frozen North pack. Then even later with Kobolds and Gnolls, and Demon-Kin, and maybe some devils, demons then Giants. It’s a long list really.

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  1. Joe Frazier, Jr. says:

    More undead and goblins!!! I plan to buy your new packs of those as soon as I can… but I still want more!!!

    1. devinnight says:

      I hear ya, I have a list of Undead for the next pack already (Undead II), it’s just a matter of drawing them up.
      I have Norkers on the list for goblins, what type of goblins would you like to see?

      1. Joe Frazier, Jr. says:

        The standard run of the mill green short squat ones are fine with me, or even those with a slight blue tinge. I tend to prefer having a variety if at all possible while playing in my face to face games using Maptool so that no two (at least in the same battle!) are alike with various weapons. Either way, I love your work.

        I know I mentioned this before, but I still would be interested in 15-20 or so kobolds. The next story arc in my D&D 4E campaign will feature kobolds, dragonborn, and a deep(purple) dragon. Of course, that’s going to be 4-6 months(perhaps even a bit more), so you have plenty of time in case you are looking for any more inspiration on future projects.

      2. devinnight says:

        Kobolds and Gnolls are high on my list.

  2. Joe Frazier, Jr. says:

    I just purchased the Undead Pack and love them. The blazing skeleton is great since I actually will be using one in the next session. Is there any chance you might get the other Undead pack completed and up to the store by the 3rd week in February?

    1. devinnight says:

      Thanks. I can try, I have a lot on my plate, but if I can get to them I will.

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