Space Marine Tokens

First of All, a belated Merry Christmas to All, and I hope everyone has a great new year. I’ll be making my yearly pledge to lose weight, this year I have the extra incentive of participating in the Warrior Dash in June. So it’s either lose some weight or die in a bog of waste water and dead trees.

A new patron requested some space marines. I had to start from scratch on these guys and it took a toll on my time. I’d guess I have close to 20 hours put into these tokens.

4 Replies to “Space Marine Tokens”

  1. Viz says:

    As always, very nice.

  2. Wow! Do you have made any more Tokens from the Warhammer 40K Universe?
    These look just gorgeous! Awesome work!

    1. devinnight says:

      no not yet, though I expect the same patron to come back around for some more work.

      1. Loig Roumois says:

        kewl! I’ll stay tuned

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