New Years Eve…

The New Year is almost here, almost everything has fallen into place and I’ve had a great two weeks with the family.

My Token Store is now online and has 4 products available. Undead, Amazons, Brigands and Goblins and Orcs.

I’m throwing in a picture of one of the finished Wights from the new Undead token pack. Also though not related is a picture from Bastions online game, this is an undead octopus and I think it turned out rather nice.

See all of you next year, may it be filled with happiness.

4 Replies to “New Years Eve…”

  1. m.s. jackson says:

    Hey Devin! Been forger since I last spoke to you, looks like you are still working hard on tokens! Very cool that your tokens got picked up by iTabletop. Your tokens are really looking good and I hope you and you are seeing good returns on your artwork. Hope the family are doing well!

  2. devinnight says:

    Hey Matt, glad you found my blog. I’ve been busier than ever, with new requests coming in every week. Tokens take up about 50% of my workload, Illustration about 40%, and cartography 10%.
    Thanks for your support and kind words. Hope you and your family are doing well.

  3. Jensan says:

    I love the details on your tokens, good work!

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