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Heating up in June

I just added a new set to the store. The Dinosaur set has 58 tokens. I took the time to make variants of the 28 dinosaurs I made for Lee and added them in this pack.

Next up are more Steampunk tokens featuring hybrid creatures in steampunk gear. After that I have more Shadowpunk tokens.




7 Replies to “Heating up in June”

  1. Hey Devin, just dropping by to say how much I enjoy your models. Bought 2 sets and downloaded your free sets aswell. Thanks for the great quality stuff!

  2. My mileage seems to be at variance. I bought two sets but found the order marked “cancelled”. I don’t know why that happened.

    1. I found your order, not sure why it failed. I have tried to get the automated system to send you links to your packs. I’m going to email you directly just in case. Sorry for the technical difficulties. -D

  3. Wow, I don’t check the website for a few weeks (Okay, it may have been a month or two) and there’s heaps of new token packs available. Dutifully got all the new ones, they’re awesome! I’ll have to keep a closer eye on them. I really like the new website too, and I’m already looking forward to even MORE tokens! :p

    1. Thanks!
      I should have new tokens in the store and other stores next month. Another character pack and I will probably add object packs of various dungeon objects.
      Thanks for the patronage.

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