A Cool July

July weather here in Ohio has been really nice. While that means a little less time at the pool instead I’m taking the girls to the park or just playing with them outside.

I was hoping to have a few new packs in the stores this month, but they will wait til August. I’ve been helping several people get ready for Gen-con and working on tokens.

This month may be a record setting one for token sales. To all my patrons new and old thank you. The continued support of my work keeps me going strong. I’m still probably averaging 1-2 tokens a day even with all the time away from the computer. In appreciation of all the support including nice comments and feedback I will release some more free tokens in August. I’m not sure if they will be more Pathfinder ones or possibly something in the science fiction realm.

I’ll be heading to Gen-Con on Thursday, I’m looking forward to meeting new people and running into quite a few regulars. I’m always happy to meet new people, clients, other artists and fellow gamers.

Thanks again.


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  1. Altaranalt says:

    Hey man,

    I’ve spend the last few months working on a sci-fi inspired game and I’m really tempted to have a token made for each of my classes. I know unique tokens are $7,50, but how much do modified tokens cost? Imagine your Urban Marine, but instead of a helmet, give him a tophat, or a sigar.

    Right now I can’t promise anything yet, just inquiring about prices. =)


    1. devinnight says:

      Hey Alt,
      I’ll modify a token some of the time, the old tokens (packs 1-20) aren’t great for modifying, typically because back then I wasn’t working at higher resolutions and didn’t always make the tokens easy for modding. In some cases I don’t even have the original file. Depending on the modification the cost would be $3-6.
      Good luck on your game, I’d like to have a reason to make more sci-fi tokens.

  2. sylverlokk says:

    I just want to make a suggestion to you. if you look on roll20 for tokens with the keyword Gnome you will find I believe 2 gnomes both done by you, and then a few cartoonish gnomes. I think you should consider creating a Gnome pack. I would definitely buy it.

    1. devinnight says:

      Thanks for the idea. I’ve already added it to my future token pack ideas.

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