Almost June

Hey everyone,

Ohio is finally getting warm and soon the girls will be running around outside and I’ll be out there a bit more as well.

Work continues to pour in and I will probably be scheduling new work for August already. There are some great new tokens in the works. Dinosaurs will be started soon followed by some more modern tokens. Then it’s on to more Steampunk tokens and more Shadowpunk tokens. Mixed in along the way I’ll be upping my number of Viking illustrations and will hopefully make a dent in that workload.

Here are a couple maps from ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution, an adventure path for D&D 4th edition and Pathfinder where the players are super-spies investigating conspiracies in a world of magic and industry. These maps appear in adventure eight, Diaspora, coming out soon. See for more details.

Thanks for stopping by.

Print Rumah-Terakir2 TempleofIngatan2 VigilLongis2

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